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Silk Moth Caterpillar

Caterpillar represent the second of four life stages found in insects with complete metamorphosis.

While some insect go to great lengths to conceal themselves with camouflage others advertise the fact that the are either dangerous of distasteful.
Genus Caligo Owl Butterfly Wing Posters

The Caligo genus are tropical butterflies belonging to the Brassolidae Family. They possess huge eyespots on their ventral hindwings and often have iridescent forewings. The eyespots startle or disorient predators while the ripple pattern helps to break up the edge of the wing as the butterfly rests. Notably, this ripple pattern is applied in a…
Genus Cynthia Painted Lady Butterfly Wing Posters

Represented by three Cynthia species in this poster, you see the American Painted Lady, the Painted Lady and the West Coast Lady. Cynthia species are quite varied and clearly demonstrate the norm towards ornately detailed ventral wing surfaces versus the simpler and bolder designs (not shown) of the upper dorsal wing surfaces. Many adaptational and…
Genus Danaus Monarch Butterfly Wing Posters

This very familiar Danaus plexippus species is also known as the Monarch Butterfly. Notice the striking venous stripes represented by a darkened region on either side of each wing vein. This bold pattern is the model for other species to mimic as predators are well aware of the distasteful glycosides this species stored up from…
Western Pygmy Blue Butterfly

Sometimes no bigger that 3/8″ the Western Pygmy Blue is the smallest butterfly in the western United States.
Western Steep Fritillary Butterfly

An early morning trek to a specific meadow in the Owens Valley of California provided a glimpse at this indigenous subspecies population of Western Steep Fritillary.
Painted Lady Butterfly

The Painted Lady Butterfly is similar to the Virginia Lady and the West Coast Lady. Also known as the thistle butterfly.