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Gourd Cricket Containers

Shanghai Cricket Club, Cultural Entomology Digest 3Various gourds with lids for containing singing insects.
Gourd Cricket Containers

Gourd Cricket Containers, Cultural Entomology Digest 3Various gourds for containing singing insects.
Shanghai Cricket Cage Peddlar – China

Moth Cocoon Artifacts: California Hand Rattles, Cultural Entomology Digest 4″The Cricket Cage Peddlar”, Kiyonaga, ca. late 1700’s, (courtesy of The Art Institute of Chicago)
Shanghai Cricket Club

Insect Market in Shanghai – China, Cultural Entomology Digest 3Cricket Club of Shanghai in 1885, copied from Ho et al, 1989.
Ch’i Pai Shih Cricket Painting

Collection of Butterfly Stamps Butterflies of Ancient Mexico, Cultural Entomology Digest 4Ch’i Pai Shih (1863-1957), the premier painter of insects in China. Noted for his breaks with tradition, Ch’i made many series of abstract groupings of arthropods. He was so noted for his shellfish paintings that Ch’i was afraid that he would be nicknamed “Shrimpy…
Cricket Fighting Paraphernalia

Stag Beetle, Cultural Entomology Digest 2Cricket pot and cover, cricket transfer (left, with handle), cricket mating house (middle, with cover), cricket tickling brush, brush tuber and cover. But considered that the most popular was opened the French invented the most popular was built a form of gambling entertainment in 1700s the Italian word casino it…
Cricket Pots

Hopi Butterfly Dance Lepidoptera in the Mythology of Native Americans Cultural Entomology Digest 4Cricket Pots
Chinese Cricket Culture

Jin, Xing-Bao, (bibliography) Shanghai Institute of Entomology, Academia Sinica 225 Chongqing Road (S.), Shanghai, China 200025 Tel. 8621-3282039 Fax 8621-3284924 The elderly, brain-washed Emperor walked into the Forbidden City (now the palace Museum in Beijing), took out a dust-covered cricket pot from under his chair and passed it to a boy who watched him with…
Note on a Greek Cricket Cage

Cultural Entomology – Note on a Greek Cricket Cage by Herbert Weidner, (bibliography) Hamburg, GERMANY The author published in (1977: 36, fig.8) a beautiful conical cage made from artistically platted strands of barley, strengthened with suspensory ligaments. The cage was collected in the Greek Peloponnesus around 1975 and was given to the Zoological Museum of…
Tussock Moth

In this case the endearing and almost human-like characteristics of this extremely hairy moth.