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Pallid-Winged Grasshopper Trimeritropis pallidipennis

A California camouflage specialist, this grasshopper can be very hard to spot against the tiny granite chips of a dry river bed.
Short Horned Grasshopper

This young grasshopper lacks the fully developed wings of an adult. They have visible tympanic membranes for hearing located on the side of their abdomen.
Young Short Horned Grasshopper

Long held as a symbol of thriving prosperity and even believed to be an aphrodisiac, katydids lay numerous eggs.
Short-Horned Grasshopper (Melanoplus spp.)

Melanoplus is an extensive genus of Short Horned Grasshopper. Several species can become serious pests to grass crops.
Spur-Throated Grasshopper

This Melanoplus grasshopper from the Owens Valley in California was baking in the early morning sun prior to a busy day of plant eating.
Monkey Grasshopper

With few visible flowering plants in tropical rainforests, insect have been named the flowers of the jungle.
Ecuadorian Walking Stick Mimic Proscopia spp.

Bearing a remarkable similarity to a walking stick, this Ecuadorian Grasshopper group possesses thickened hind femora and a very stylized head.
Brazilian Short-Horned Grasshopper

As a ground dweller feeding on organic material on the forest floor, this Brazilian grasshopper come equipped with formidable spines lining the tibia of the powerful hind legs.
Cultural Entomology by Dr Charles Hogue

Reproduced, with permission, from the Annual Review of Entomology, Vol 32, copyright; 1987 by Annual Reviews Inc. Dr. Hogue’s article includes definitions, literature and language, music and the performing arts, graphic and plastic arts, interpretive history, philosophy, religion and folklore, recreation and curiousities, ethnoentomology, species of special cultural significance, conclusion, and acknowledgements. Dr. Hogue contributed…
Jin Xing-Bao’s Bibliography

Bibliography from Jin’s “Chinese Cricket Culture“ Cammann, S. 1967. Chinese Impressioned Gourds Reconsidered. Oriental Art. 4: 217-224. Ho, C. -M., Adler, l. and Bronson, B. 1989. Ceramic Cricket Jars in the Field Museum. Field Museum of Natural History Bulletin, Sept-Oct.: 7-15 Hsu, Y. -C. 1929 Crickets in China. Peking Society of Natural History Bulletin 3:…