E. A. Seguy

Numerous artists and designers throughout history have drawn inspiration for their creations directly from the unparalleled diversity and beauty present in nature. E.A. Seguy was one such designer who was prolific from the turn of the century through the 1930’s. He produced eleven albums of illustrations and patterns of which Papillons and Insectes were dedicated to insect subjects. E.A. Seguy was a masterful decorative artist who spanned the art eras of Art Nouveau through Art Deco. His graphic technique was achieved through hand coloring prints through numerous plate stencils.

Dover Publications produces a book entitled Seguy’s Decorative Butterflies and Insects in Full Color, reproducing Papillons and Insectes albums in their entirely. The publisher makes several interesting comments about Seguy. “His aim was to make available dozens of examples of extremely colorful exotic animals that had been unjustly neglected by occidental decorative artists because of their rarity in life and in illustration. It is interesting to note that Seguy, while confident that butterflies would be readily accepted, made the special plea for the other insects that were constructed like wonderful machines and were thus entitled to the same consideration as an airplane fuselage, an ocean liner or locomotive; nature was a successful industrial designer!” Seguy’s work inspires artists and designers in such diverse applications as textiles, end papers, wallpaper, stained glass, and packaging.