Cultural Entomology Digest: Second Issue February

Welcome to the second issue of Cultural Entomology Digest. This issue focuses on beetle references within cultural entomological. Beetles have generated interest, almost as profound in magnitute as butterflies and moths. Their fabulous diversity of form, coloration and lifestyle have inspired numerous individuals to direct their energy towards this group of insects. With one quarter of a million species representing two fifths of all described insects, beetles are truely inspirational in a purely biological sense.


Introductory Notes

During the six months that have elapsed since the first issue of Cultural Entomology Digest, I have witnessed a heartening positive trend in public awareness of environmental issues. Not only do I see a continuation of interest, but the steady growth and acceptance of some elementary building blocks toward major reform.

E. A. Seguy E. A. Seguy

Spanning the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, E.A. Seguy designed two albums entitled “Papillons” and “Insectes.” His goal was to increase the availability of extremely colorful exotic insect prints of which Dover Publications has reproduced many in their book, “Seguy’s Decorative Butterflies and Insects in Full Color.”

Egyptian Hieroglyph

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

An assortment of 17 Egyptian scarab hieroglyphs taken from Gardener’s original type face and a collection from L’Institut Françcais D’Archéeologie Oriental. The scarab glyph symbolized kheper, neter and ta, meaning earth.

Sema Cloth Beetles in Textiles

The brilliant metallic elytra of various beetles have long been used in the embellishment of textile art and ornamentation. Beetle wing cases are used in Indian Basohli School miniature paintings along with Indian, New Guinean, Amazonian and Thai textiles.

Flies Insects in Psychiatry

Definitive clarification of the psychiatric disorders of entomophobia, delusions of parasitosis and illusions of parasitosis. The history, psychopathology, entomological aspects, treatment, and prognosis of each disorder is discussed.

Stag Beetle Beetles as Religious Symbols

This historical overview presents the diverse range of religious symbolism beetles have held in human culture throughout history. This article discusses prehistoric, shamanistic, Buddhist, ancient Egyptian, Minoan and Indian culture along with references found in the Bible.