Not True Insects – Arthropod – Spiders & Centipedes

Arthropod means segmented feet; arthro = joint, poda = foot. Including insects, this huge group contain animals often mistaken for insects such as spiders and centipedes.

Orb Weaver Spider
Orb web spiders are a large and diverse group of spider ranging in size and coloration.
Jumping Spider
This small tropical jumping spider is a proficient day hunter that does not rely on webs to catch its prey.
Fishing Spider
This pisaurid fishing spider from Ecuador displays a characteristic curved row of posterior eyes.
Tailless Whipscorpion
Tailless whipscorpion run sideways on six legs, with their front pair having specialized ferocious pincers to catch its prey.
Tarantula Spider
Constructing her elegant silk funnel web at the entrance to the dinning room, this female tarantula spider usually moved extremely slowly and was protected by a coat of irritation causing hairs.
Indonesian Millipede
Diplopoda in Greek means two legs. Millipedes possess two pair of short legs per visible body segment.