Orb Weaver Spider

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  • Common Name: Orb Weaver Spider
  • Order Name: Araneae
  • Family Name: Araneidae

Scientific Name of Orb Weaver Spider
The common orb weaver spiders are classified in the family Araneidae . This family was formerly called Argiopidae. These are the orb weaver spiders that people see in their yards and gardens. When people use the term “Orb Weaver”, these are normally the spiders they are describing.

There is another, smaller group of spiders that make similar-shaped webs. These spiders are known as the”Cribellate orb weavers” or the “Hackled orb weavers” They are classified in the family Uloboridae .

Both of these families of orb weaver spiders belong to the order Araneae .

Orb weaver spiders are also known as “Garden spiders”. They get their common name from the distinctive webs that they make.

Many of these large spiders are brightly colored. Homeowners around the world find these spiders and their webs in their yards and gardens. Homeowners also find these large webs on bushes near the house. Orb weaver spiders sometimes become nuisances when they make their webs near the doorways of the home. Homeowners who are bothered by these large spider webs often discover that the lights on the porch or patio have caused the problem. The lights on the house attract flying insects, so the spiders make their webs near the lights. Moving the light sources away from the house often encourages the spiders to make their webs in other areas –that are not as bothersome.