Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Spider
  • Order Name: Araneae
  • Family Name: Salticidae

Scientists often classify spiders according to the way they catch their food and they employ many interesting methods to capture their prey. Web-building spiders build a web to catch flying insects, hunting spiders move around in search of insects and jumping spiders have the ability to jump at their prey.

Spiders differ from insect in that they have eight legs rather than six. This small tropical jumping spider is a proficient day hunter that does not rely on webs to catch its prey. Two of the eight eyes are large and forward facing giving this spider good binocular vision. Using strong hind legs, these spiders hunt by stalking and leaping on its victims while trailing a safety line of silk behind them. Spiders are extremely important in keeping insect populations under control.