Brentid Weevil

Brentid Weevil Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Straight-Snouted Weevil
  • Order Name: Coleoptera
  • Family Name: Brentidae

Beetles represent the largest Order of insects, containing over 250,000 described species. Beetle groups include tiger beetles, ground beetles, water beetles, whirligig beetles, fungus beetles, rove beetles, stag beetles, scarab beetles, wood-boring beetles, click beetles, fireflies, dermestids, ladybird beetles, darkling beetles, longhorn beetles, blister beetles, leaf beetles, weevils and many others.

Brentid weevils are primarily tropical beetles characterized by their slender, elongated bodies and long straight snouts. They are usually reddish or brown in color and have antennae constructed from small round segments. This brentid from Ecuador was making its way down to a fallen tree limb. Brentids can be found under loose bark of trees and feed on fungi and other wood eating insects. The weevil larvae bore tunnels into wood.