Metallic Wood-boring Beetle

Metallic Wood-boring Beetle Photo, Picture
  • Common Name:Metallic Wood-boring Beetle
  • Order Name: Coleoptera
  • Family Name: Buprestidae

Beetles represent the largest Order of insects, containing over 250,000 described species. Beetle groups include tiger beetles, ground beetles, water beetles, whirligig beetles, fungus beetles, rove beetles, stag beetles, scarab beetles, wood-boring beetles, click beetles, fireflies, dermestids, ladybird beetles, darkling beetles, longhorn beetles, blister beetles, leaf beetles, weevils and many others.

This giant metallic wood boring beetle from Ecuador has been frequently collected for its superb iridescent wing cases that reflect most colors of the rainbow. The elytra are used to adorn textiles worldwide and represent an exotic decoration without having to use expensive minerals. The Shaur tribes of Amazonia use the beetle to make decorative ornaments symbolizing wealth, well-being and personal power. This large beetle is a strong flier and is often attracted to freshly cut trees.