White Weevil

White Weevil Photo, Picture
  • Common Name:White Weevil
  • Order Name: Coleoptera
  • Family Name: Curculionidae










Beetles represent the largest Order of insects, containing over 250,000 described species. Beetle groups include tiger beetles, ground beetles, water beetles, whirligig beetles, fungus beetles, rove beetles, stag beetles, scarab beetles, wood-boring beetles, click beetles, fireflies, dermestids, ladybird beetles, darkling beetles, longhorn beetles, blister beetles, leaf beetles, weevils and many others.

This striking white weevil posed for us at the side of a trail leading to a remote village in Sulawesi. Weevils are also called snout beetles; characterized by their elongated region in front of their eyes. Larvae of these beetles are usually shaped like the letter “C” and are pale to white in color and lack legs. Maybe you have heard the expression, “weevils wobble but they don’t fall down. In 1915, cotton crops in Enterprise, Alabama were devastated by seed infected by the Boll Weevil which forced them to diversify. In honor of this ultimately fortuitous change in planting, the town erected a “statue of liberty” type lady with a large Boll Weevil perched on her head.