Metallic Weevil

Metallic Weevil Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Metallic Weevil
  • Order Name: Coleoptera
  • Family Name: Curculionidae

Beetles represent the largest Order of insects, containing over 250,000 described species. Beetle groups include tiger beetles, ground beetles, water beetles, whirligig beetles, fungus beetles, rove beetles, stag beetles, scarab beetles, wood-boring beetles, click beetles, fireflies, dermestids, ladybird beetles, darkling beetles, longhorn beetles, blister beetles, leaf beetles, weevils and many others.

Weevils are somewhat more anthropomorphic (human-like) than other beetles. Apart from their stylized snout region, their enduring characteristics also include their large and visible eyes, exaggerated tarsal pads coupled with a deliberate gait. When scared, many weevils tuck in their legs and antennae to resemble a contorted death pose and then drop to the ground and maintain stillness and disappear in the leaf litter. Some of the tropical species are beautifully colored with metallic scales and look more like gems encrusted with jewels than beetles.