Beetles – Coleoptera Pictures & Bio

Coleoptera means sheath wings; coleo – sheath, ptera = wings. Beetles front pair of wings are modified to hardened casings, known as elytra, to protect the hind wings and body below.

Tiger Beetle
Tiger beetles are voracious predators, chasing down and flying after their prey and using their sickle-shaped jaws to secure the victim.
Striped Cucumber Beetle
This striped cucumber beetle photographed in California lays its eggs in the soil near a plant in the cucumber or melon vines.
Brentid Weevil
Brentid weevils are primarily tropical beetles characterized by their slender, elongated bodies and long straight snouts.
Leaf Beetle
This Brazilian Chrysolmelid leaf beetle clearly displays bright coloration characteristic to this group.
Click Beetle
Click beetles get their name for their ability to right themselves if they find themselves stuck on their back.
Pleasing Fungus Beetle
Beetles are the most diverse and numerous group of insects.
Metallic Wood-boring Beetle
This giant metallic wood boring beetle from Ecuador has been frequently collected for its superb iridescent wing cases that reflect most colors of the rainbow.
White Weevil
Weevils are also called snout beetles; characterized by their elongated region in front of their eyes.
Weevils are a large and diverse group of plant burrowing beetles often found infesting seeds and many species target crops and stored foods.
Metallic Weevil
Weevils are somewhat more anthropomorphic (human-like) than other beetles.
Goldsmith Beetle Cotalpa spp.
Edgar Allan Poe's immortalizes a golden scarab in his popular short story The Gold Bug which aims to expand our consciousness beyond our preconceptions of reality to the truth that lies beneath.
Fungus Beetle
Found under sheets of lose bark, these beetles live in communal aggregation and feed on the abundant rotting fungus.
Diving Beetle
Often attracted to night lights this large aquatic oval beetle has a smooth and hard black body.
Stag Beetle Lucanus spp.
The impressive antler-like mandible jaws of this male are used in mating rite battles and are more for show and simply dislodging other males from choice branches than to inflict lethal damage.
Palm Weevil Pupae Rhynchophorus spp.
These weevil beetle are known as billbugs for their well developed snouts.