Bee Fly

Bee Fly Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Bee Fly
  • Order Name: Diptera
  • Family Name: Bombyliidae

Members of this Order of insects are extremely diverse. Many are small and agile flies as their name suggests. Some flies carry the tainted reputation for being carriers of disease such as malaria and yellow fever. Fly groups include crane flies, midges, gnats, mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, window flies, robber flies, bee flies, house flies, fruit flies, shore flies, dung flies, flesh flies and many others.

Bee flies are well adapted to feeding on the nectar reserves of flowers. They have long beak-like mouthparts and are able to hover perfectly still in front of a flower while they probe for the sweet rewards. Their profuse furriness and general bee-like appearance affords them their name. Like many adult insects, their larval stages are characterized by more sinister activities. Bee fly larvae parasitize ground nesting bees and beetles.