Dung Fly

Dung Fly Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Dung Fly
  • Order Name: Diptera
  • Family Name: Scathophagidae

Members of this Order of insects are extremely diverse. Many are small and agile flies as their name suggests. Some flies carry the tainted reputation for being carriers of disease such as malaria and yellow fever. Fly groups include crane flies, midges, gnats, mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, window flies, robber flies, bee flies, house flies, fruit flies, shore flies, dung flies, flesh flies and many others.

This Brazilian dung fly was close to its egg laying goal after locating dropping on the forest floor. The larvae of these flies will burrow into and feed on dung and rotting plant material before pupating in the soil. They are very similar in appearance to some of the Muscid house flies. Adults are predaceous feeding on other flies and other insects with the help of a piercing proboscis. Males possess more hair than the females and have yellow coloration.