Blow Fly

Blow Fly Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Blow Fly
  • Order Name: Diptera
  • Family Name: Calliphoridae

Members of this Order of insects are extremely diverse. Many are small and agile flies as their name suggests. Some flies carry the tainted reputation for being carriers of disease such as malaria and yellow fever. Fly groups include crane flies, midges, gnats, mosquitos, black flies, horse flies, window flies, robber flies, bee flies, house flies, fruit flies, shore flies, dung flies, flesh flies and many others.

Flies are an extremely diverse group of insects and have adapted to exploit numerous environments. This fly feeds and lays its eggs in bird droppings. Some flies have even adapted to live out their larval stages within naturally occurring pools of petroleum. One type of small fly known as a midge is responsibly for the pollination of our favorite tree, without which there would be no chocolate.