Harlequin Cabbage Bug

Harlequin Cabbage Bug Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Harlequin Cabbage Bug
  • Order Name: Hemiptera
  • Family Name: Pentatomidae

Many Hemiptera suck plant juices although some have evolved to suck blood and body fluids. Hemiptera groups include water scorpions, water boatman, backswimmers, water striders, plant bugs, bed bugs, assassin bugs, flat bugs, seed bugs, red bugs and stink bugs.

Photographed in Southern California, this nymph Harlequin Cabbage Bug has almost completed its nymphal stage. All “true bugs” have incomplete metamorphosis. This means they experience three life stages of egg, nymph and adult. The nymphs generally start out as miniature versions of the adult with slightly different coloration. As the nymph grows through several molts, it appears more like the adult in size and coloration. This insect can be found year round in warm climates and feeds on cabbage or wild mustard. This bug is also called the Calico Back for its distinct pattern.