Brazilian Leaf-Footed Bug

Brazilian Leaf-Footed Bug Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Leaf-footed Bug
  • Order Name: Hemiptera
  • Family Name: Cornidae

Many Hemiptera suck plant juices although some have evolved to suck blood and body fluids. Hemiptera groups include water scorpions, water boatman, backswimmers, water striders, plant bugs, bed bugs, assassin bugs, flat bugs, seed bugs, red bugs and stink bugs.

This sap-sucking Leaf-Footed Bug from Southern Brazil shows it’s swollen femora hind legs. A few tropical Cor?id have elaborate tibial leaf structures as part of their modified hind legs. This one is relatively conservative although also has spines at the tips of it’s pronotum. These true bugs are capable of emitting a scent from a couple of glands on the thorax. Notice the membranous patch of the fore wing. Although most feed on sap, a few are predaceous towards other insects.