Mating Stink Bugs

Mating Stink Bugs Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Mating Stink Bugs
  • Order Name: Hemiptera
  • Family Name: Pentatomidae

Many Hemiptera suck plant juices although some have evolved to suck blood and body fluids. Hemiptera groups include water scorpions, water boatman, backswimmers, water striders, plant bugs, bed bugs, assassin bugs, flat bugs, seed bugs, red bugs and stink bugs.

In many insects, the male and female adults vary in size, coloration and form. Some insects are able to reproduce without a mate however most species require union to fertilize the eggs. This pair was found in Indonesia. True bugs have characteristic forewings. Specifically, the connecting half being thickened and remaining tip half being membranous. A second pair of membranous wings rest under these special fore wings known as hemelytra. Their sucking, tubular mouth parts arise from the tip of their head.