Lantern Bug

Lantern Bug Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Lantern Bug
  • Order Name: Homoptera
  • Family Name: Fulgoridae

Homoptera are similar to the Hemiptera true bugs. In addition to differences in the origin of their sucking mouthparts, Homoptera have a uniformly thickened forewings that overlap slightly at the tips. Homoptera groups include cicadas, leaf hoppers, whiteflies, aphids and scale insects.

Tropical Fulgorids account for some of the largest planthoppers. This Indonesian species displayed bold and conspicuous behavior on the exposed tree trunk. Once they determine you have violated their comfort zone they make a speedy retreat by scuttling to the opposite side of the trunk. This behavior can be witnessed in the smaller planthoppers although their retreat usually amounts to hiding on the other side of small twigs or stems. This specimen shows off a gorgeous pair of bright red compound eyes and demonstrates an erect and alert stance.