Planthopper Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Planthopper
  • Order Name: Homoptera
  • Family Name: Fulgoridae

Homoptera are similar to the Hemiptera true bugs. In addition to differences in the origin of their sucking mouthparts, Homoptera have a uniformly thickened forewings that overlap slightly at the tips. Homoptera groups include cicadas, leaf hoppers, whiteflies, aphids and scale insects.

The Fulgorid family of planthoppers is characterized by some bizarre features including wavy filamentous tails and elaborate head protuberances. Probably the most famous fulgorid is the Lantern Bug of the tropics. Although its sizable head protuberance produces no light as the name suggests, the Amazonian Indians believe the insect to be everything from deadly poisonous to a potent aphrodisiac. In reality, the fulgorids are avid plant juice suckers and lack the fanciful qualities man has invented for them.