Formicid Ant Scavengers

Formicid Ants Scavengers. Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Formicid Ants
  • Order Name: Hymenoptera
  • Family Name: Formicidae

This Order of insects include sawflies, horntails, wood wasps, ensign wasps, Ichneumonids, fairyflies, fig wasps, chalcids, gall wasps, cuckoo wasps, yellow-faced bees, sweat bees, leafcutter bees, carpenter bees, honey bees, bumble bees, orchid bees, velvet ants, spider wasps, paper wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, mud-dauber wasps and ants.

Ants are important scavengers. They are responsible for recycling huge amounts of organic material from fallen fruit to this unfortunate butterfly. Ants help to keep the enviroments free of rotting material. These ants, from Brazil, keep the forest floor clean and were able to handle this fallen butterfly in a matter of a few hours.