Harpalus Skipper

Harpalus Skipper Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Harpalus Skipper
  • Order Name: Lepidoptera
  • Family Name: Hesperidae

The skipper members of this Order of insects are generally small and characterized by fast flight. Their wing venation and widely separated, curve-tipped antennae, also distinguish this group. Skippers are divided into giant skipper, grass skipper, shrub skipper and mimic skipper families.

Belonging to the geographically varied genus of Holarctic Grass Skippers, this regional subspecies is found on the Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. You’ll notice the long black proboscis probing the nectar reserves from a meadow flower. This group of skippers feed on grasses and the caterpillars live in nests constructed from rolled leaves. The adults fly from early to late summer.