Grass Moth

Grass Moth Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Grass Moth
  • Order Name: Lepidoptera
  • Family Name: Pyralidae

The moth members of this Order of insects include a large number of diverse families. Moth groups include micro moths, leaf miners, clothes moths, plume moths, ermine moths, burnets, geometrids, silk moths, sphinx moths, tiger moths, wasp moths, noctuids, underwings and many others.

Two types of randomly placed scale cells appear on moth wings. Ground scales are typically small and carry the background coloration of the design, whereas cover scales and are usually larger and more colorful, bearing the main pattern elements. This Pyralid moth has a pure white interior region to both wings with the coloration occurring only along the wing edges. Moth symbolism includes sensuality due to a sometimes fatal attraction towards light sources. In the case of a flame, the unfortunate moth will physically succumb to the seductive light it is confusing with moonlight it uses to navigate.