Satyr Butterfly Euptychia hermes

Satyr Butterfly Euptychia hermes Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Satyr Butterfly
  • Order Name: Lepidoptera
  • Family Name: Satyridae

The butterfly members of this Order of insects include the popular and usually colorful species. Butterfly groups include monarchs, satyrs, dagerwings, leaf-wings, owls, buckeyes, admirals, checkerspots, crecents, fritillaries, heliconids, riodinids, blues, hairstreaks, coppers, whites, orange-tips, sulphurs and swallowtails.

Satyrid butterflies bear the popular name wood nymph and are characterized by low-level dodging flight. They are usually brown with drab coloration although usually sport variation of eyespots that appear so often in species that inhabit the dimly lit forest interior. This tropical Euptychia genus from Brazil has many species and is rather unorganized from a taxonomic perspective. When they sense danger this group employs a “don’t move” defensive strategy, coming to rest with wings closed. If danger persists, they flit away with a flash of eyespot. This group typically feeds on grasses.