Hook-Tip Leaf Moth

Hook-Tip Leaf Moth Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Hook-Tip Leaf Moth
  • Order Name: Lepidoptera
  • Family Name: Drepanidae

The moth members of this Order of insects include a large number of diverse families. Moth groups include micro moths, leaf miners, clothes moths, plume moths, ermine moths, burnets, geometrids, silk moths, sphinx moths, tiger moths, wasp moths, noctuids, underwings and many others.

Looking like a decomposing leaf, this hook-tip moth has a central rib marking to mimic the vein of a leaf. The leaf metaphor is strengthened by the smooth sinuous curve of the forewing edge, unpunctuated by the head. This moth was photographed on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, formally Celebes. This island has particular natural history significance as the point at which species typical of Australian meet with species typical of Asia. This phenomena was first discovered by Darwin’s contemporary, Wallace and the are has been named Wallacia.