Arctiid Moth

Arctiid Moth Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Arctiid Moth
  • Order Name: Lepidoptera
  • Family Name: Arctiidae

The moth members of this Order of insects include a large number of diverse families. Moth groups include micro moths, leaf miners, clothes moths, plume moths, ermine moths, burnets, geometrids, silk moths, sphinx moths, tiger moths, wasp moths, noctuids, underwings and many others.

Australian fabric sculptor, Annemieke Mein produces tactile works of art inspired by numerous, not so popular insects, including moths. Being one of her favorite subjects, she studies a particular moth for its specific charms. She then translates them into insect sculptures made from a variety of fabrics including silk by deliberately accentuating the minute details and dramatically enlarging the subject. A special creation entitled, “Old Lady Moth” comes with an invitation to the audience to touch the moth and effectively dissolve any fears people carry with them about these misunderstood insects.