Broad-Winged Damselfly

Broad-Winged Damselfly Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Broad-Winged Damselfly
  • Order Name: Odonata
  • Family Name: Calopterygidae

Adult dragonflies and damselflies mate and catch their insect prey in mid flight. Odonata groups include dragonflies, darners, skimmers, narrow-winged damselflies and broad-winged damselflies.

This damselfly’s wing, clearly shows the elaborate and delicate golden venation that forms a sound structural skeleton for the flight membrane. Damselflies have two pairs of wings and are quite active in the territorial patrolling of their particular area of the stream or river. Many insects are identified through variations of the venation and shape of their wings. Their Dragonfly relatives are stronger fliers and generally larger insects with phenomenal eyesight.