Naiad Dragonfly

Naiad Dragonfly Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Naiad Dragonfly
  • Order Name: Odonata
  • Family Name: Odonata

Adult dragonflies and damselflies mate and catch their insect prey in mid flight. Odonata groups include dragonflies, darners, skimmers, narrow-winged damselflies and broad-winged damselflies.

Dragonflies and damselflies have aquatic immature stages called naiads. They serve as important indicator species for the health of the ecosystem. They are aggressive jet propelled insectivores with long extendable jaws and in some species can be underwater for as long as three years. Kauai’s North Shore has a ceremonial “heiau” named Na Pinao” in honor of dragonflies. The Native Hawaiians called adult dragonflies “pinao” and referred to emerging adults as po’olanui or “the great sun head”.