Green Darner Head (Anax strenuus)

Green Darner Head Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Green Darner Head
  • Order Name: Odonata
  • Family Name: Aeshnidae

Adult dragonflies and damselflies mate and catch their insect prey in mid flight. Odonata groups include dragonflies, darners, skimmers, narrow-winged damselflies and broad-winged damselflies.

This close-up image reveals the beautiful compound eyes of the Hawaiian native Green Darner photographed from the mountains of Kauai. The eye appears to have markings. At the base of each of the individual eye facets are pigmented iris cells which stop light from passing to adjacent facets. The appearance of mesmerizing dark spots in the depths of the eyes are known as pseudopupils and mark the points at which the eye is absorbing all of the light rather than reflecting it back. These eyes show multiple pseudopupils and even some color variation produced my pigmentation within in the facets.