Spur-Throated Grasshopper

Spur-Throated Grasshopper Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Spur-Throated Grasshopper
  • Order Name: Orthoptera
  • Family Name: Acrididea

Some Orthoptera are among the most destructive of insects, while others are most revered for their songs. This Order of insects include grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, and katydids.

This Melanoplus grasshopper from the Owens Valley in California was baking in the early morning sun prior to a busy day of plant eating. These hoppers have brightly colored underwings and the males make a buzzing noise by rubbing a strip of tiny spines on their hind femur against the fore wing. Notice the large compound eyes and greatly enlarge and herringbone patterned hind femur used for leaping. These hoppers lay their eggs underground.