Short-Horned Grasshopper (Melanoplus spp.)

Short-Horned Grasshopper Melanoplus spp. Photo, Picture
  • Common Name: Short-Horned Grasshopper
  • Order Name: Orthoptera
  • Family Name: Acrididea

Some Orthoptera are among the most destructive of insects, while others are most revered for their songs. This Order of insects include grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, and katydids.

Melanoplus is an extensive genus of Short Horned Grasshopper. Several species can become serious pests to grass crops as vapidly increasing populations of nymphs and adults will eat vast quantities of plants. This mating pair was contributing to the already healthy population of hoppers found along the roadside in the Central Valley of California. These hoppers have tympana (ears) on each side of the first abdominal segment. Eggs are laid in the soil with the female’s short ovipositor and usually over winter to hatch as nymph the following year.